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This company is not only about providing beauty care, but the care for cruelty against animals. Which is why we decided to donate some of the proceeds, with every bundle purchase to help the Voiceless Animal Protection Institute.


Voiceless has been at the forefront of the animal protection and animal law movements since 2004.

To ensure our vision of a respectful and compassionate world for animals becomes a reality, Voiceless worked tirelessly to: empower and mainstream the animal protection movement; shine a spotlight on cruel industry practices; advance legal protection for animals; raise public awareness and; increase animal protection in science and technology.  

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Today, we are proud to be the home of animal law and animal protection education. We are developing the crucial skills of critical-thinking in youth, our next generation of influencers and decision-makers.

Voiceless's Animal Law Education (ALE) is a multi-faceted program for law schools and students engaging lawyers in animal protection and issues in our legal systems.

Through the law, we can seek better protection for animals.

Voiceless's Animal Protection Education (APE) encourages students to think critically about animal protection. We provide teachers with the information and tools to explore the human-animal relationship in our society. APEs are created by educators for educators and aligned with the Australian high school curriculum.